More and more organisations (SMEs, institutions, public authorities and so on) are facing demands to increase not only their efficiency but also their effectiveness. Leadership quality and employee satisfaction boosts loyalty to the employer. This is an important value these days and an important step towards greater effectiveness!

HR-aktiv makes the quality of leadership and levels of satisfaction at work transparent. Managers and employees have the chance to compare their own opinion with the average view of others and to take steps accordingly. Managers are given the opportunity to have their management style identified and examined. Enterprises can compare themselves with peers from their own industry, canton, region and even other countries. The feedback provides them with important points of reference for reinforcing strengths and identifying weaknesses, so that any necessary adjustments can be made and included in an annual plan.

Our surveys have a simple structure, consisting of some 41 - 50 (depending on the survey tool) central questions (in accordance with the Pareto principle). The questions are quick and easy for all to answer. They can be answered directly online or by questionnaire (in 15 languages). The questionnaire is read in by HR-aktiv and allocated to the company in question.

Authorized persons can inspect and print out the evaluation at a PC immediately after the survey has been completed.

You need to have authorized access before you can start the survey.

We’re delighted to have aroused your interest. Simply contact us to find out how you can benefit from the survey quickly.